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Happy Summer everyone! Thanks for checking into the “Letters to our children” series. Please take a moment to read my letter then check out the lovely and talented Stacy Loveridge and then follow the circle all the way around.




My sweet, crazy little loves,

I decided to take it slow this summer. (For once, I listened to your dad’s advice and “slowed my roll”). I kept my work down to a minimum, stepped away from the computer, cut down on obligations, and stop worrying so much about what was on my calender (or on my phone). It was almost painful for me to slow down and relax! I worried about money, my clients, school and my calendar…but then realized there are very few times were we are all together and I’m NOT corralling you into the van to run errands, squeezing events into our over-scheduled lives, telling you to wait until Mommy’s done working or constantly checking my phone or Ipad. But I did it…well, we did it. “It can wait” became our mantra for all things you considered NOT fun. (Like email, editing, making phone calls.) I unplugged and allowed myself to disconnect. I left the computer and Ipad (and camera!) at home and had fun watching you at lacrosse camp, cheering for you at rugby matches, helping your paint pictures, showing you new things and helping you experience new events. We took a long vacation to the beach (without me worrying about not checking my email for a week) and as Joey says “we turned into beach bums”. Ha! Mission accomplished!

Our summer is halfway over, but we still have so much more fun to have. Thanks for keeping me unplugged and connected with what is truly important. I can’t wait to have more fun with you.

xoxo, Mommy

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